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Giveaway + Monday Hustle guest post

If you’ve been following my exploits on social media (which you should, because I am a meme goddess) you will know that I have been working quite a bit with Lucy over on Monday Hustle. I asked her to do a guest post in conjunction with a giveaway I am sponsoring.  Head over to the Monday Hustle Instagram and enter!! Wooo.

This is what you could win!! 

Without further adieu, here is the the guest Monday Hustle blog post. Enjoy. x

Hey! I’m Lucy, but these days you might know me as the Monday Hustler. Long story short, I resigned from my inspiration starved 9-5 office job in favour of chasing the dream. It’s been 5 weeks since I left the safety net of secure employment and the hustle is real! But I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Now, the hardest part about not having a stable job is obviously that little thing we call income. I have none. And this is where you gotta get a little bit savvy..
To me (and Robecca!), op-shopping is a total no brainer. It’s like being given permission to enter a treasure box where not only does time go backwards, but price does too! Here are my top three reasons as to why you should meet us on the opshop train:

1)   Quality
Seriously. The quality of some of these garments is second to none. I’ve come across items from as early as the 1950’s, which still have the tags attached – and they look like they were made yesterday! If they have lasted this long and are still in mint condition, then I can guarantee that you are going to have a beautiful life together. 

2)   Originality
Opshopping is something that forces you to think outside the box. No matter what you are influenced by, as long as you keep an open mind, you’ll find something fresh, something that stands out, and something that might even be back in fashion.. Pulp lace ups anyone? Everything swings back around – and if you get it right, you can even find yourself ahead of the game!

3)   Cost
If the first two reasons aren’t enough, when you factor in the price, you’ll never look back! Now go find the acid wash denim jacket you’ve been dreaming about for $7… And tag me in the pic when you do!
For more tips on how to live your life most confident, check out and follow @mondayhustle on Facebook and Instagram!




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