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How to wear a bodycon dress (If you’ve got a booty and other shapely, womanly parts) sponsored by

I was sent this awesome body-con dress by  

Well actually, I was given a budget and set free on the website to be exact. A few posts back, I showed off the great co-ord set I got, so this post I thought I’d show you all how I layer basics.

I’m naturally a rather – flamboyant (I guess you’d say) dresser – so I internally struggle every time I go shopping with what I WANT to buy and what I SHOULD.

One thing I love about is that they have a great section just for basics (which are usually made in jersey material so super comfy) so the shopper can easily select what they need. On that note, I got the Lola Turtle Neck in navy (also it’s like $24- amaze).

This is my favourite dress at the moment because I’ve worn it to just about every type of event – a job interview, drinks hanging out – and managed to change it to suit the ambience. 
As it’s the middle of freaking winter here, I layered it with boots tights, a long scarf, a leather jacket, slicked back hair and huge earrings for a 70s look. 
If you’re like me and you’re shapely (I  have a butt that could rival a Kardashian) and want to look a little conservative that day ( unlike the Kardashians) then bodycon dresses are still right for you! Just layer the crap out of your outfit. 
My minimal make-up selfie 
The Best idea with layering is to keep it at just two – and if you’re wanting to look professional and not grunge, then go for a long middle layer – so the one under your jacket – and then a jacket that has some sort of structure to it (leather jackets are great for this, and if you can get faux). 

Thinking about my next outfit

Here is the actually colour of the dress – a deep, royal blue 
Even my nails are minimal! 
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Now that my sexy, sexy curves are hidden (lollz) I’m off to take on the corporate world!




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