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How to Look like you’re wearing expensive labels on the cheap

It’s no hidden fact that many fashionestias spend ALOT of money on their clothes. And of course, Fashion Week is the time that all the fashion folk put on their very best outfits and parade them for the world to see – and of course most of these clothes cost more than a week’s wage. 
That got me thinking.
I thought I’d take a little break from the Runways (still a few more to come- woohoo) do a post with how-to-look-expensive-while-on-a-budget guide. 
First things first, my outfit: 
Blak dress 
Glitter Alice Faux Fur from 
Asos creepers 
Discount Universe Earrings 
Lonely Lingerie bralette 

Now, believe it or not this whole outfit cost me under $200. 
My two main piece of advice are:
1) Hit up designer sales. Seriously, they are the best. The Blak dress I have on, cost me $40 from a sale they had. not only is it an awesome, well made, NZ designer item but it is also a sample which means it’s either a one-off or very few were made. Also, the Lonely Lingerie bralette I’m wearing, I got for $20 at one of their sales. I try to never buy full price designer clothes. Because pieces like this are a stape, they will not go out of trend for a long time. And while everyone is paying $120 for their designer underwear, I’m sitting pretty on the same thing for a fraction of the price. 
2) Utilise the fact that we are a season behind North America and Europe (their summer in our winter and vice versa) so going onto American or European websites and buying their sale stuff is usually this season for NZ and Australia (I did this with the creeper shoes I got from ASOS). If you head onto they do this for you and you can save heaps of moola. I LOVE the faux fur I’m wearing and it’s only $55 on LastSeason! (I’ll get into more about this site after we’re done with fashion week). 
Now that you know my secrets, go! Shop more wisely, look urber trendy and strut your stuff! 
Peace out



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