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NZFW Street Style Day 2

One thing I love about any fashion event is the amazing looks the crowd has. Sometimes it’s even more exciting off the runway than on. Being the avid people watcher that I am, I delight in seeing what people from all around the country pick to wear to the biggest fashion event of the year. 
I met Barbra Lee while sitting in the foyer gathering my thoughts. She was dressed immaculately and I knew that I wanted to post her look on Sans Pareil straight away. 
Barbra hails from Christchurch and is a fashion designer (which you can totally tell) and told me that she hadn’t been to a NZ Fashion Week since the earth quakes – so a good 15 years! Another lovely thing about Barbra is she had a spare seated ticket to the show she was about to go into and offered it to me! Truly a lovely, stylish lady! 

Amanda Dybdahl I found sitting in the audience of a show and was an ex-high fashion model who had been living in Asia. She had just moved back to NZ and had decided to pop along to some of NZFW.