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D.I.Y Flower Crown sponsored by

In this DIY I am going to show you how to make a flower crown using real flowers. This is a great thing to know how to do for the summer and spring months – you can brighten up any occasion with these beautiful flower crowns! beautiful flower crowns! If you’re in Australia and want to use fabulous flowers as materials for the crown, you can order flowers from They deliver flowers to Melbourne as well as to all parts of the country, and have a fantastic selection of flowers to do crafts with!
Lets get started!
You will need: 
A hot glue gun
A plain head band of any kind (I picked up a green circular one from a $2 shop, but anything that’s plain is fine)
An assortment of flowers – try to pick colours that will look nice together


 1. Cut stems off flowers (but don’t throw away). Cut as much off as you can without breaking the flower.

2. Take your hot glue gun and start gluing the flowers onto the headband. place (lightly) the flowers on their front so no pressure is put on the headband, until it drys. Be generous with glue, to make sure it’s secure.
3. Spread out the bigger flowers, like roses etc. Don’t cluster them all together.

4. Start filling in with smaller flowers and leaves (from the stems you didn’t throw away). Glue the leaves to the underside of the band – do this sporadically, think of it as an accent.

5. Now you should have a beautiful smelling and looking flower crown!

Here I am awkwardly modelling mine – trying to hold my dress down – on the windiest day ever!

Drunk on dem flowers






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