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Sans Pareil Jewellery Spring/Summer Lookbook 2015 – A Brief Interlude


The sun was shining and it was the beginning of Spring. As the late afternoon sun shone, my model, Anna and I, took my very first jewellery lookbook pictures. I’m excited to present these pics, because not only is it the VERY first, actual jewellery collection I have been able to present but I’m pretty happy with everything. 

Model: Ania Sazykina
Art Direction/ Photographer/ Editor: Robedcca Leyden (Moi)

All these pieces are for sale so PM me if you’re interested in buying, or borrowing for a 
shoot. All necklaces are either 18K Gold plated or Sterling Silver and everything is

A Brief Interlude 

Model wears: Amethyst ‘Fortune’ and Large Rose Quartz ‘Bossy’ Necklaces 

Model wears gold ‘fortune’ opalite and gold ‘mystic’ triangle opalite necklaces

Model wears silver ‘raw’ amethyst rock necklace

Model wears gold Fluorite ‘raw’ necklace
Silver Tibetan silver crescent moon and silver Rose Quartz ‘Fortune’ necklaces 

Opalite, Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz ‘Ariel’ necklaces

Model wears Gold Amethyst and Gold Fluorite “fortune’ necklaces 

Silver Onyx and light Amethyst ‘fortune’ necklaces  

Model wears: Silver Opalite ‘Ariel’ and ‘Boom’ necklaces




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