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Armageddon Celebrity Street Style

FINALLY! I have the second, juicy part of Armageddon – the celebrities/actors/voice actors! 

Maggie Roswell 
Like I said in my first Armageddon ’15 post, I actually barely know anything about sci-fi or comics and I don’t own a TV. So yeah. HOWEVER I am a massive, MASSIVE fan of the Simpsons (I mean who isn’t, amiright?) So I had a bit of a fangirl moment when I got to meet Maggie Roswell. She has been with the show from pretty much the start and voiced Mod Flanders, Hellen Lovejoy and Cherry Bobbins to name a few. She is also the nicest, sweetest lady – she gave everyone that worked on the PR team signed autographed, Simpson pictures! 

Lou Diamond Phillips 
Lou Diamond Phillips is very old school cool. We sent him off to a George FM interview. When he returned I asked him how it went and he goes “Terrible. That was the worst interview I have even had. They kicked me off air half way through”. As my jaw dropped open and fear filled my entire face, he cracked a smile and says “Gotacha”. After I died a little and sputtered “Why would you do that to me?!” He happily went onto his next interview. 
Casper Van Dien 
Casper is pretty much the funniest human I have met. He’s also incredibly charming and everyone basically loves him. I’m not kidding, I watched him win over every single interviewer that spoke to him. 3 New’s David Farrier, seemed to love him (watch the interview here). And I watched him go out of his way, time and time again to do things for fans. He also had me in stitches EVERY time we spoke. 
Sean Maher 
Yup, all the people are there to see you Casper!

At this point, I decided to Street style everyone – do a fashiony take on Armageddon. So back to/starting with Casper. I feel really bad because I can’t remember who he was wearing and he was so excited about it! (Ben Sherman maybe?!) 

He asked me how he was meant to pose – I said ‘stand like you’re being street styled’ and this was his interpretation…… ugh, looking good. 

Sean Maher 
Sean is so, so sweet! I had to ring Sean the morning after he arrived because somehow he wasn’t given his interview schedule, and he was so nice about it. Imagine being jet-lagged as hellllll and then getting a phone call at 9am to do a whole bunch of interviews! He was so nice about it, and he came straight down with a smile on his face! 
Here, we are doing le ‘blue steal’
Christina Vee 
Christina is a voice actress most commonly known for Sailor Moon. I noticed her straight away because of her keen fashion sense! Christina was so enthusiastic to be in lil’ old NZ, she was wearing lord of the rings leggings! 
John Wesley Shipp 
The best way to describe John Welsey Shipp is he’s like that really, really nice Uncle. He’s the NICEST person. I can’t even emphasise that enough. Below is Shipp with his manger Bob, who is also super lovely! They also have this really cute friendship happening- and came on this trip together. 
Azim Rizk
Azim is also very funny (see picture below) and a bit of a hippy. This is him at 3am, waiting up to watch the All Blacks.
Michael Rowe
Michael is all rock’n’roll. YET again, as someone who doesn’t really watch TV. So I have never actually seen Arrow, but I know that he plays a villain, and I have a feeling he is totally, totally different from his character. As soon as you meet Michael you find yourself in an in-depth conversation about politics, music and living in Los Angeles. He had a punk-rock band for many years and it shows nearly instantly. I’m fairly certain her wore Doc Martens the entire time he was here.

Michael Rowe and his very lovely minder Ali Carruthers 




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