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How to wear boyfriend style dress pants


Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 5.50.29 PM  One thing that’s awesome about being a gal – is that we get to wear all the boy clothes we want, and look super, duper stylish doing it.

I love a bit of an androgynous look as much as the next girl – only problem is that I am NOT an androgynous shape: I have hips and a booty. It can be hard for me to find boyfriend style clothes that actually fit me and don’t either accentuate those areas I hate – or just make me look daggy. I thought it might be a good idea to do a little guide on how to find/make the perfect pair of boyfriend dress pants, and help out all you gals with some curves.

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First step – Hit the thrift shops and get some men’s trousers. There are always loads to chose from. Make sure to get some that are fitting but still a little bit lose when you pull them right up to your waist. You want a bit of room in the upper thighs but still fitting enough around the waist that there isn’t LOADS of excess waist band. It’s ok if they are a little long for you – we will get to that a bit later on.

Next up,  and only do this if you like the look – taper in the ankle. I like all of my pants to be quite cigarette leg (unless I am going for a wide, wide leg) so I turn my pants inside out, pin them from about the knee down, and then zip them through the sewing machine.
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If you decide to leave them untapped, because you like a bit of a straight leg look – cuff them. this also works if they are a bit long for you, as was mentioned above.

Final step – Belt ’em. this will cinch the waist riiiight in and look super flattering- ESP if you’re pear shaped like moi.

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