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Pineapple Lump smoothie – Sponsored by NutriBullet

Thanks to Nutribullet NZ I can bring you this great little smoothie recipe!
Because summer is approaching in New Zealand now is the time to kick into gear eating healthier (well actually, it’s always a good time to eat healthy, regardless of the season, but if some of us need the idea of themselves in swimwear for motivation- so be it). 
This recipe is awesome for anyone with a sweet tooth, particularly a chocolate sweet tooth, and is a great twist on the Kiwi classic lolly, Pineapple lumps! 
The Caco nibs are a fantastic alternative to chocolate and are filled with antioxidants!                                     If you have an especially sweet tooth, I strongly recommend adding a bit more pineapple – because well it tastes amazing- and it’s nice, juicy and sweet!    
Raw Cacao Nibs and Raw Caccao Powder = Yum! 
I’m not a huge fan of overly ‘milky’ flavours so I replaced the almond milk with coconut water – both  taste great. 
I also chucked in some cucumber, because they are refreshing, basically taste like water and are good for you! 
Blend and enjoy! 
Option – devouring rest of pineapple as snack, because it’s hella good – duh 
Nixon decided to join in the fun – and was very jealous he didn’t get any!