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Cool people doing cool stuff: Mark Knoff-Thomas from the Newmarket Business Association

Mark Knoff-Thomas from Newmarket Business Association
Mark Knoff-Thomas from Newmarket Business Association

I sat down with Mark Knoff-Thomas from Newmarket Business Association to find out for you lucky readers,  exactly what was happening within Newmarket in the near future and new year.

The cool thing about Newmarket is that it’s not only the shopping capital of New Zealand – but it has managed to stay a strong advocate of the boutique shopping experience (well made clothes, often made in NZ) and resist the ‘fast fashion’ movement that is all but destroying the fashion industry as we know it. Phew, that was a bit heavy wasn’t it? As I have mentioned a few times before; it’s not that chain stores are evil – quite the opposite really, and yes, I do shop at them too (I’m totally excited about H&M coming to NZ just like everyone else) The point is that it’s important to support our local communities, and a major part of that is supporting local retailers.

So, basically, along with Top Shop and H&M we still have the awesome NZ designer boutiques thriving.

Mark told me some interesting facts, like, the average person in Newmarket spends around $67.92, Newmarket-Business-Association-CEO-Mark-Knoff-Thomas-and-Senior-Category-Winner-Abi-Barnes-with-her-Red-11-Model

while the average consumer from the Eastern suburbs spends upwards of $80 a transaction (woah!) which is nearly double than most shopping centers around the country. This blew my mind a bit because that includes all of the people who are just buying a $4.00 coffee! So think how amazing all of those boutique shops must be to get that spend rate so high!

Hint: Shop Newmarket for your Xmas presents and instead of buying a whole heap of little crap, buy one or two nice things that people actually want. 

Another cool, very cool thing Mark and his team are doing is the #Ourshout campaign, where they walk around the streets of Newmarket, surprising shoppers by paying for their purchases! HOW awesome is that??? Another amazing reason to shop local this season.


It’s fantastic that the Newmarket Business Association are getting out there and interacting with their community. It’s such a great direction to take, so make sure you get out there and support them!

All images were either taken by Robecca Leyden (That’s me!) or taken from the Newmarket Business Association facebook page… so go on.. give them a like!




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