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New Year’s Eve hair style guide


As promised in my last post, for my VERY last post of 2015, it’s all about ‘dat New Year’s Eve hair style (of course).
So…… what cha’ gonna wear?! That’s the question that millions of gal pals (and some dudes) will be asking each other. Myself included. I thought it might be a good idea to take a look at some rad-tastic hair styles for one of the biggest party nights of the year.

I’m going to categorise it from easy/chill – hard/dressed up.

Starting with:
 Easy/Chill – 

Balayage and soft waves:beleyage sans pareil

Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence


This style pretty much works on everyone of every hair length, every colour and every texture. 

See? Every. Hair. Colour. Works.

Medium/ Smart-Casual 

The slicked-back or messy pony tail. 

slicked down hair was uber cool in 2015 and I predict will still be a go-to for fashionestias well in 2016. It’s also the easiest way to look pulled together with minimal effort.
020913_ponytail_sleek_black sans pareil
Blogger Ivy Coco
Blogger Ivy Coco
A Slightly more classic, bed-head look:
blonde ponytail bedhead sans pareil hair
 I am especially digging a centre part:
sleek hair robecca leyden sans pareil
Moi rocking the center-part
center part sans pareil blog
And finally,
Add some colour! No other night is better to experiment with some awesome rainbow colours happening on ya head! It’s also much easier than you might think – just go out and grab some washout colours from the supermarket, chemist, wherever – and start playing! What a great way so celebrate the NYE by feeling like a mermaid princess! Woohoo!
rainbow hair NYE sans pareil
colour hair NYE sans pareil
On that note, have a truly wonderful night and I will catch you soon. I’m going to be taking about 10 days off from posting so I can have some R&R – so be good while i’m gone, kids. xoxox



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  1. Great inspo !

    Happy New Year sweetie 🙂

  2. Clara says:

    Prefer the first one.

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