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Sans Pareil Jewellery shoot with James Bennett


WOAH. It’s the 30th. I can’t believe it.
How fast does time go? I remember being 17 and talking about how fast time goes, she was 27 and se said that it only goes faster as you get older. Now, I’m 12 years older (that’s the age of an entire person, like a nearly a teen – person WTF) and boy, was she right! I’m scared of blinking and another 12 years goes by.

ANYWAY, enough of my time anxieties, truth has it, I am rather excited to see what 2016 brings! And you are too hopefully, I hope what ever climate you’re in, you are CHILLIN’ like a villain – getting ready to wave good bye to 2015 and say ‘ello to 2016.

I’m going to have my last real post of 2015 (one more coming but it’s about hair lollz) with a shoot I did with the VERY talented and awesome James Bennett, He doesn’t have a website up yet but you can always message him on old FB if you would like some pictures.

As you probably already know, I make jewellery (If not, take a wee look) I needed some new pics, because I always need new pics, and so here we are!

All pieces are available for purchase, and are usually a one off so get in quick if you like something!
You can contact me via the Facebook page, the online shop, or at:

Also, my awesome 90s alien nails are by the lovely Imogen of Pop Nails robecca1
backpack (1)





Styling by (me) Robecca Leyden
Jewellery by (me too) Robecca Leyden
Photography and editing by James Bennett
Remember to support local talent and check James out! xxx





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