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10 Days of Fashion: Trelise Cooper

Heart of The City is currently running 10 Days Of Fashion which is centering around bringing more interest and people out to Auckland CBD’s fashion district, namely, Britomart. The cool thing about it, is that this fashion event is aimed directly at the consumer, so not only are all of the Runways read-to-wear but there are amazing giveaways, NZ’s Longest CatwalkΒ Β (I’m super excited about seeing this) and of course every fashionista’s dream The Designer Garage Sale. I’m lucky enough to be working on some very cool projects in collaboration with the event (GIVEAWAYS and more- so stay posted) and today, I spent a very sunny hour checking out the Trelise Cooper show.

I was SO impressed.

Sitting there being like ‘I want that’ to just about everything. SERIOUSLY EVERYTHING. The overall tone was 70s prints, teetering on a kind of grunge edge (you know, like when 90s fashion played with the idea of 70s, but was in the heart of the grimy-grunge look so the style turned into that Kate Moss/Junkie/Pimp/Hooker look) Which I know is probably making your eyebrows raise in horror BUT was actually so, so, so cool.

Anyway, lets just say I left the show thinking ‘I’m getting some (more) faux fur and some calf high boots’.

So without due, here are my favourite looks.

trelise cooper 5

trelise cooper 4

trelise cooper 3

trelise Cooper 2


trelise cooper 9

trelise cooper 8

trelise cooper7