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Cool People Doing Cool Stuff: Eleanor Dorn

It’s that time of week again! I sat down with the very talented Eleanor Dorn and talked to her about her new and exciting freelance make-up business. Check it out below.
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Eleanor Dorn MUA

SP: I love supporting and celebrating local creative people making waves in business and fashion. The thing that stood out to me about you, was that you not only are a fantastic MUA but you also have your own line of brushes and make up coming! What made you decided to create your own products?

 E: I decided to create and launch my own line of brushes and makeup, as I want to provide my clients the tools to create their own makeup looks at home, in confidence.  As it can often be daunting walking into a department store and trying to pick out makeup – i wanted to be able to offer my clients and followers something which I have created and stand behind, and be able to show them via my workshops, blogs and videos how to create their desired look.

SP: What sets you apart from other MUA’s ? What’s your style? 
E: My aim is to make my clients look beautiful, and I offer a polished finish which can last them throughout the evening. I  work with the clients personal style, and create a look which suits them, and still looks like them. There are so many new makeup tips and techniques out there, so it is important to me to tailor the look for each client, so they feel comfortable with their look.

SP: I find it interesting that you left a lucrative role in Marketing to chase your dream. Why do you recommend  following your passions as opposed to saying safe? Could you ever imagine yourself going back?
E: I was really blessed to be in a role with a company that supported my goals and dreams 100% – it was a scary step to make to step, to venture on my own, but you only get one life, and I don’t what to be looking back saying ‘what if’. I definitely enjoy the freedom of being my own boss, but it also comes with the responsibility of managing your time and being self driven – so this is something to consider.

SP: What is your make up inspo this season? What look you loving?

Right now I am making the most of summer and am really into highlighting my cheekbones with shimmer to give me that extra glow and definition, It’s super easy and is flattering on everyone.You can see how on one of my videos (video below) 

SP:   What do you love most about what you do?
I love that I get to make people look and feel good about themselves, my using my makeup skills. I feel very blessed that I am able to share this skill with others.

Eleanor Dorn M
Eleanor Dorn

SP: Lastly, I always ask everyone I interview what advice they would offer to up-and-comers. What would you suggest? 

For up and coming makeup artists, I would suggest going out and meeting as many people in the industry as you can – makeup artists, hair stylists and photographers are a great start. Don’t be scared to talk about and promote your business to others, as you never know where it will get you. I think in general – Don’t be scared, and go for your goals. no ‘buts’  or ‘ what if’s’!
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Essential set with cylinder

For more information on Eleanor or to book, follow one of the below links xx





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