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Cool People Doing Cool Stuff: Shivan Patel

Shivan Patel Photography
Shivan is an Auckland based photographer and stylist. What sets him apart from the crowd is that every shoot he does, he over sees all of the art direction. And there are a lot of shoots, because he is the resident Fashion Editor for AUT’s Debate magazine. Now, not only is the magazine but out weekly (that’s a HELL of a lot of editorials to be working on, as well as being an actual student at AUT) but Shivan is responsible for 90% of the content that goes into the editorial. To put that into context, he not only photographs, but styles, writes, edits and researches the entire shoot. He compounds a crew of usually 5-6 to himself, the model and a make up artist – AH-mazing! Everything he does is entirely self-taught (he’s actually a Law Student) and done completely out of passion. 
Shivan P

I caught up with the young photographer in a sunny afternoon in an Auckland city cafe.

SP: Where do you get your ideas from?
S: Heaps of different places. I went to America at the beginning of 2015, and that really opened my eyes. New York was one of the best things that ever happened to me. So now my styling is quite minimalist, New Yorker type. Black and White, that sort of thing. I’m moving into quite a dark, grungy place so am feeling dark suits, crystals – that sort of thing. 
Shiv image sans pareil
SP: Why do you like to work with local designers? 
S: I like designers who can really see themselves in their work. When they stay true to who they are, and their personal style, that really connects with me. Also, if it’s an interesting design, anything that sparks ideas in my head! Also because it’s an AUT magazine, I try and support up and coming AUT designers. 
SP: What’s one of your favourite designers you’ve worked with?
S: I worked with this girl called Julie Thompson, she was one of my favourites. Her designs were really floral and colourful, not usually my style, but when I saw them, they gave me such a happy feeling, I wanted to shoot them right away. Shivan Pateil
SP:Who is your favourite international designer? 
 S: Overall I love Calvin Klein. In terms of the androgynous, cleanness of their designs. Very minimalist. 
Shivan Patel
Shivan Patel
Lastly, What advice to you have for people who are just starting out and aspire to be in your position? 
 S: Be as organised as possible. It’s really important for shoots, to not just show up and hope it works out. Have a strong idea of what you want and how you want it to look, and don’t be afraid to let your team know that, so everyone is on the same page. Also, I think someone will connect to your writing if it’s true to you, true to how your feeling at the time. 
You can read Shivan’s work online via an app called ‘Issue’. You can access it and read Debate magazine from anywhere in the world. 
Check out his fantastic photography blog here.
Follow Shivan on Instagram here.
OR if you’re interested in working with the extremely talented photographer, get in touch via email:



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