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Louis Vuitton New York Fashion Week 16

Well we are on the topic of New York Fashion Week (don’t know what I am talking about? Check out my last post), lets talk about how incredible this season’s Louis Vuitton is! I haven’t been a huge fan of this couture juggernaut for many, many years – but time are-a-changin’!
This collection is so incredibly rock’n’roll and on point, I can’t help but make heart eyes. Check it out below!
LV sans pareil 3
LV sanspareil 7
LV sans pareil2
LV sans pareil 7
LV sans pareil 10
LV sans pareil 6
LV sans pareil 5
VL sans pareil 11
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  1. Thanks for sharing these fantastic pictures from Louis Vuitton New York Fashion Week. Personally LV has always been my favorite. I remember attending a similar event around 5 years ago at one of event venues in NYC. It was truly an amazing experience.

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