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Cool People doing Cool Stuff: Hawkeye Vintage


Hawkeye vintageHawkeye Vintage is not your average vintage boutique. All of the items are exquisitely hand-picked couture, carefully curated by a team lead by Danielle Goodwin. The boutique is based in Melbourne, though they have an office in Auckland and not only interact with Kiwi bloggers, but have a decent Kiwi client base. 
I sent the very busy ladies over a few questions to answer so we can get the lowdown on the impressive shop! 

SP: I love supporting and celebrating local creative people making waves in business and fashion. Hawkeye Vintage seems to be doing both! What inspired you to start Hawkeye Vintage in the first place? How long have you been going for?  I’ve had a passion for collecting unique vintage pieces for as long as I can remember! My collection kept growing and growing and my wardrobe remained the same size! This is when I began Hawkeye, I wanted to share my passion and the unique items that I had collected with everyone else. In 2012, I opened up a pop-up store on Chapel Street to test the waters. Since then we have had various pop-up stores and events. We are working hard to create a strong online presence as we currently have an online website for people to browse and purchase our products from.

SP: What sets you apart from other Vintage Boutiques?   I suppose what really sets us apart from other Vintage boutiques is that we are now solely based online, whilst other businesses have bricks-and-mortar stores to showcase their products. We build strong relationships with our clients and only source luxury items in pristine condition.

The gorgeous Hawkeye team

SP:   What are you looking for when you source your products? Does it have couture?  When sourcing our products, we like to find items that are unique, exclusive and highly sought after. Our favourite item that we were able to get our hands on recently was a baby blue Hermes Birkin! It wasn’t long after we uploaded it online that a customer purchased it, we weren’t surprised at all!

SP: Who are your favourite designers?    
That’s a tough one! It’s hard to pick just one as there are so many favourites! I guess I would say that Chanel is timeless and has so much history behind the brand.

SP: What do you love most about what you do?     
I think the most rewarding thing about Hawkeye is being able to share what I come across with others. Through my work I have met so many amazing people who also have a strong admiration for all things vintage and unique. It’s also such a rewarding feeling when we receive messages from customers who love their purchases with us. Sometimes were lucky enough to see customers when they receive their pieces and their whole face lights up, its an amazing feeling.

SP: Lastly, I always ask everyone I interview what advice they would offer to up-and-comers. What would you suggest?     Persistence is key! When you start something new, it might take a few goes to get it right. It is very rare that something will fall perfectly into your hand the first time you try. Remember it’s that passion that got you started and the drive that will keep you going.

The lovely Danielle Goodwin, owner and founder of Hawkeye Vintage



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