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Milford Centre AW16 Fashion Show


This is being posted a little late, but as you all probably know I have been a busy bee with updating the website!

Milford invited me along to check out their ready-to-wear runway collection. This is where a huge collection of shops in the Milford Center show off what is in stores this season. Some of the shops included Veronika Maine, Kimberley’s and my favourite Andrea Moore.

It was also quite cool because some of the models were more ‘standard’ size and height, so you could imagine the clothes on yourself! Check out the snaps below, the first five are by @gathum.

Photo 20-03-16, 11 25 23 AM
Image credit @Gathum

don’t forget to support NZ stores because supporting your local makes for a strong community. xx R

Photo 20-03-16, 11 39 45 AM
Image credit @Gathum
Photo 20-03-16, 11 13 08 AM
Image credit @Gathum
Image credit @Gathum
Image credit @Gathum


Look who I ran into! Cait from
Look who I ran into! Cait from






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