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DIY Blue Ombre Hair


I dye my hair.


Like alot, alot.

sans pareil pastel hair
Two colours from the Pastels range

That’s why when I saw the new Live Pastels range I was soooooo excited. I am obsessed with pastel hair. Ranging in price from $6 – 8.00. It is super cheap to try and the results are pretty good.

So you know, my hair looks like this at the moment:   13219700_10154843505294447_1879140509_nA brown to blonde balayage with the blonde being sandy in tone. To get the look on the cover of the packet,  you will need to have platinum blonde hair. Which can be a total pain to get, as it drys out your hair like no other colour.

Anywho, I wanted to try the Baby Blue (pictured) first, so here is how I did it and what I came out with.

sans pareil baby blue pastel hair Robecca Leyden
Baby blue from the pastels range.

This is my hair with one application – also note that it comes in a sachet packet, so if you have medium to long or thick hair – and want full coverage, you will need more than one.

Blue Robecca Leyden sans Pareil
One application.

As you can see, it’s pretty light tinge on my hair. Which might be what you’re after. For me though, I like a bit more of a statement.

Below is two applications – this was my favourite colour. Super pastel and super fun. Also note, the colour will last about 2 washes, especially because it comes out so light anyway.

sans pareil Robecca Leyden
Two applications.

I also tried the Live Ultra Bright Blue once the pastel had washed out. I was a little scared to try this colour, as I actually really didn’t want it to look like the packet! I wanted something in between the pastel and the ultra.

robecca leyden
Ultra Bright.

I was SO happy with the result! It turned out to be the perfect ombre I was after. Once I do go platinum again though, I will try the pastel again because ultimately, the colours in range have caught my eye like nothing else!

blue ombre robecca leyden
Final result!

So give it a go and let me know via facebook how it goes for ya!!





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