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Winter 2016 NZ Designer Picks


It’s that time.
Yup. Time for warmer clothes and cooler weather. Although I hate the the cold (I swear I would be totally happy being a lizard sitting on a hot, dry rock all my life). Just because it’s cold does not mean you have to spend the winter in drab, dark colours if you don’t want too.

I thought this would be a great chance to look at some bright, bold pieces sourced from some of my favourite locally sourced gems.


I adore Miss Crabb. Sadly the price-range is a little higher than my everyday budget but the pieces are just the best quality, and last for literally years. Because you can often wear them more than one way, the style stays on trend forever.

The Summertime Dress is just so stunning and you could totally layer this up with a turtleneck, tee or tights.

miss crabb yellow sans pareil
Summertime dress kowhai
misscrabb sans pareil robecca leyden FOREVER FOREVER DRESS MC RED


Silence Was is a really gorgeous New Zealand label with their own shop in New Market. I love the bright, effortless chic of the new season range. Orange is most definitely your friend!

Silence Was Robecca Leyden Sans Pareil

Silence Was sans pareil
Silence Was…


Twentyseven Names has become quite the iconic NZ label. I went along to opening of their New Market shop a few weeks ago (or months?!) and it’s just stunning. If bring colours aren’t quite your jam, but you still want to try and get away from blacks – why not go creams and pastels? If that sounds like you, check out this range.

27Names Robecca Leyden sans pareil
Bell Skirt
27Names sans pareil robecca leyden
Charlotte Wool Pants





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