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Ladies, prepare your wallets H&M are coming to New Zealand!!


This is something I am so excited about because H&M is probably my favourite fast fashion brand, and something I love to mix with designer and thrift-shop. It’s super exciting that sometime soon I will no longer have to wait till I travel to literally ANY other western country.

Check out some of these tantalising images below – to see what will be in store, on our shore soon.

H&M-NZ-Preview0020 sans pareil robecca leyden
H&M-NZ-Preview0024sans pareil robecca leyden
Double yum.

H&M-NZ-Preview0045sans pareil robecca leyden

H&M-NZ-Preview0005 sans pareil robecca leyden

sans pareil robecca leyden H&M

sans pareil robecca leyden H&M
So stoked because I match
sans pareil robecca leyden H&M
I NEED this outfit in my life.





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