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4 things you can do to look thinner at any dress size


I have round hips and a round butt.
Sometimes I want to show off what I got and sometimes I want to cover it up. when I’m trying to cover up my curves and want to appear ‘neutral’ I would wear an outfit like the one I’m in below. So when I was asked by Review to pick an outfit to style from their catalogue; I immediately chose what I’m wearing because it suits a lot of body shapes while still maintaining individual appeal. Check out the list below to see my tips for looking thinner.
Keep in mind that appearing thinner isn’t the be all and end all goal of every outfit. Like I said above, if you got curves and wanna rock em – ain’t no shame, do your thang. But if you’re going to say, a job interview showing off you’re A++ butt might not be the place you want to draw attention too.

Lastly, a HUGE thanks to the amazing Shivan a.k.a @gatham, my favourite boo.

review sans pareil robecca leyden

1. For a smaller waist.
Anything that comes in at the waist is always going to be flattering, whether you’re a size 6 or 16. Make the center point of your outfit the waist – and you’ll always look slimmer. This skirt is great because it’s got a nice wide, waist-band that emphasises the waist. Also note that I have tucked the sweater into the skirt to- you guessed it – draw attention to the waist.

review sans pareil robecca leyden review sans pareil robecca leyden    review3

2. Wear black heeled footwear with black tights.
Opaque black tights are a god-send. Want your legs to look longer and leaner? Bam! Afraid you’re showing too much skin? Bam! Can’t be bothered shaving your legs? Bam!
Black heeled boots with add that length while not cutting you off colour-wise at the ankle, so your stems seem to continue on for ever.


3. Wear an A-line skirt that stops just below the knee.
This style is great because it’s usually really, really comfortable and really, really flattering. You could be wearing anything under that A-line- you could be wearing board shorts for all anyone knows. Stopping just below the knee is one of the most flattering places on the leg, lots of peeps aren’t fans of their knees so covering that up while emphasising the smaller bit just below it can take a dress size or two off your look!

review6  review sans pareil robecca leyden

4. Be confident!
I know, I know, you’re reading this and thinking I copped out on the last bit of this list. but listen up! Standing tall, shoulders back, chin forward does SO much for your posture, as well as the health benefits of not getting a hunch when you’re older and using your full diaphragm to breath; you will honestly look slimmer. Take it from me, I am 5’11 and If I can stand tall in three inch heels looking like a giraffe among zebra (and rock it) – you can too, you got this girl.

review sans pareil robecca leyden





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  1. Love it and you totally rock this look!!!!!

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