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Cool People Doing Cool Stuff: Smita Padharia from Beautilase


I caught up with the lovely Smita Padharia, the ex- Londoner and owner of Beautilse – North Shore’s laser hair removal specialist – about her very cool business.

SP: Tell me what sets Beautilase apart from other clinics?
S: Beautilase latest technology in laser hair removal that delivers results. At beautilase you will get honest answers and real expectations, we will go above and beyond your expectation.  Beautilase is owner operated which means clients receive the best service possible.  We give more than just the beauty treatment you came in for as we listen to your beauty and health concerns and offer free practical advice.

sans pareil beautilase auckland
Owner Smita Padharia

SP:What inspires you when you’re choosing your product to stock in the shop?
S: Products that work and ones that I actually use.  Products that come with a lot of information and have been tried and tested by professionals. Companies that are passionate about their product.

SP: What are all the services you offer?
Laser Hair Removal

Laser Vein Removal

Wrinkle Removalhair removal beautilase auckland



Green Peel

Environ Peels

EyeLash Tint, EyeBrow Tint, EyeBrow Shape

Environ Facials


SP: What inspired you to get into beautician?
S: As a child and a teenager I was very hairy; which made me embarrassed and shy away.  I got teased and as a result, had very low self esteem. I had my first wax at the age of eleven and it gave me lot of confidence.  This confidence helped in all aspects of my school and my life. Because of it, I want to help others feel good about themselves. 

SP: How long has Beautilase been going for?
S: Beautilase has been going for 11 years since moving from London. However,  I have been a Beauty Therapist for over 23 years.

auckland beautilase sans pareil
Beautilase HQ



SP: What are you favorite products to work with?
S:My laser machine (It’s so amazing – and fantastic results), Environ Skin Care, Green Peel, and Needling.

SP: What do you love most about what you do?
S: Laser hair removal because it delivers noticeably fast results. In general my goal is client satisfaction – giving my clients their self esteem back and making them feel like a happy version of themselves! 

Smita working1

SP: Lastly, I always ask everyone I interview what advice they would offer to up-and-comers. What would you suggest?
S: Be honest, treat everyone how you like to be treated. Always go the extra mile. Be yourself. Love what you do and the rest will follow 🙂

gentle yag beautlise sans pareil



Check out the website for more info or follow Smita’s journey on facebook and Instagram @beautilasenz.


And don’t forget me! @sans_pareil_blog





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