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Get Alexa Chung’s look on the Cheap


Alexa Chung has the BEST style. And I have good news for ya – although we may not have her bank balance, designer’s gifting us clothes and are ex fashion models – her style is pretty easy to emulate. She likes to dress low-key with functional chic pieces. Here is how I got her look.

High Waisted Jeans.

alexa chung sans pareil
Alexa in high waisted jeans

I only wear high waisted jeans now anyway, mainly because they are HIGHly functional (Lol getit?!) I shudder at the idea of going back to the time when bending over meant exposing butt cleavage. The ones I am wearing I got for $8 at a thrift shop and are my favourite pants I own. Mum jeans were staple in 80s and 90s so you too, can go fine the ultimate pair at your local Salvo’s!

jeans sans pareil alexa chung

The Sweater. 

alexa+chung-cable+knit-white+sweater-sweater sans pareil
all about dem sweaters

Alexis is all about the chunky sweater. And fair enough – it’s a pretty great item for winter. Keeping you cuddly and cool at the same time. Mine is from Cheap Monday, But this is another great item to go thrifting for, or get a plain colour from a chain store.        Alexa+Chung sans pareil2DD7D52600000578-3292661-image-m-29_1445989894083dbn-alexachung-sweatermaxiskirtconverse sans pareil

mid sans pareil
Moi in Cheap Monday


The Over- Sized Coat alexa chung sans pareil robecca leyden

Miss Chung always seem to pull off the oversize coat like no other. This can be a look which makes you look like you’re homeless – but she never does. She always looks perfection. Again, you guessed it, THRIFT SHOP GALORE – oversized coats are in pretty much every thrift shop, ever.

Alexa Chung sans Pareil
I’ve seen a similar one in Glassons recently.

layering sans pareil alexa chung

Yeah! Feeling like a blonder Alexa Chung (Not really but dressed sorta like her? Right?


Peace out peeps!





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  1. Love this post! And that first photo photo of you is STUNNING!!!!!

    Love it all!!!


    1. You are soooooo lovely miss! I need to leave you some surprise comments hehe. xox

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