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How to Rock a Headscarf, Lime Crime Lipstick and Double Denim


With winter hitting Christchurch hard, university campus style has taken a turn. No longer are people wearing the usual shorts and lace up shirts. A huge trend that has been travelling round rapidly is denim jackets, and taking it further; double denim. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this term, double denim consists of wearing a shirt or top half of clothing in denim, as well as a denim bottom half, like a skirt or jeans. The University of Canterbury has a vast range of aesthetic students I got to choose from, but one student caught my eye in particular. 

12834758_1533598006940320_1180111522_n Nuha, studying her first year in Christchurch made the move to from Wellington to study criminal justice. I was taken aback by how much her outfit matched, and how every element worked. She rocked the green lippy with her green scarf and shirt, she completely aced the double denim look with her jacket and jeans, and slayed the vintage hippie bag she wore to uni. I was lucky enough to find out where she got her clothing items from which will be linked below. Nuha described her style as “Vintage”, and I loved how her hand bag was from her grandmother. A lot of her clothing is very pick and mix, and she makes a wide range of clothing that looks boring by itself, incredible in an outfit together.




Cosmic which are fast and trustworthy (as well as the official Lime Crime website which you’ll totally get addicted to). I love bold coloured lipsticks, especially Serpintina which is the shade Nuha is wearing. Here are some pairings I’ve thought of.                         wajd2

Lime Crime lipsticks will always have a special place in my heart, but if you’re unsure about purchasing from them especially after the Lime Crime drama that went down recently, (google it, it’s not pretty!) you can buy them online through Cosmic which are fast and trustworthy. I love bold coloured lipsticks, especially Serpintina which is the shade Nuha is wearing. Here are some pairings I’ve thought of.

  • Wear Serpintina with black on black!  

Is there anything with black that doesn’t look good? Matched with a black turtleneck and black denim skirt, you’ll be all set for Autumn.

  • White with green clothing? I think so

Mix and match a white singlet with green skinny jeans, with Serpintina on your lips there’s nothing that could go wrong!

  • Basically any item of clothing you own

Green is a bold colour, which doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t wear bold clothing too. Wear whatever you like, and flaunt it! Fashion requires confidence, and if you think you look good, you DEFINITELY look good!


                                          Green turtleneck: Woollovers                             

                             Light wash denim jacket: Old Navy        

Boyfriend Jeans: Asos

Shoes: Vagabond

Wajd1Based in Christchurch, Wajd studies a bachelor of arts at the University of Canterbury, Majoring in English, Media & communication, and Music. As well as writing about and photographing fashion, Wajd reviews albums on her own website She has a huge passion for music and fashion and would one day love to work in either industry alongside journalism.



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