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How To Rock The 80s Denim Look


Sunday night reading for ya!

On a very rare sunny day in Christchurch, I bumped into Caitlin who was wearing a simple combination of clothing that looked perfect. I tried to walk past her without getting a photo, but I loved the simplicity of her outfit a lot and I couldn’t help myself. She kept in with the classic trend of three quarter dresses, and added more texture to the outfit by making the edge at the bottom rugged. She paired with a classic denim jacket and a plain basic underneath, all pulled together with a pair of black Nike’s. When I asked her about where her sense of style came from, she said she just likes to do her own thing with her combinations. I love the formality of this look and how wearable it is!


IMG_2607    IMG_2613


Item of the week:

This weeks’ item of the week is the classic denim jacket. Since they will basically never age, I’ve included a list of items you can pair your denim jacket with.If you’re wearing an oversized denim jacket, pairing with a tighter less flowing garment works well or a nice contrast. Paired with a dress can work well to mess with the formality of the garment!

Wearing a denim jacket with another item of denim such as shorts, jeans, or skirt is a great way to look very 80’s chic.

Shop Caitlin’s outfit here:

Forever 21 Jacket

forever 21 sans pareil

Glassons Basic white shirt

The Iconic midi dress 

Nike shoes 






Wajd1Based in Christchurch, Wajd studies a bachelor of arts at the University of Canterbury, Majoring in English, Media & communication, and Music. As well as writing about and photographing fashion, Wajd reviews albums on her own website She has a huge passion for music and fashion and would one day love to work in either industry alongside journalism.



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