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Sometimes you have to just put on loud rap – and handle it

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I’ve had a bit of a rough time lately. Which isn’t uncommon news. Lots of people have. Maybe even you. So I created this list of rap (ish) songs that will make you feel better about life and motivate you to handle it.

1. L.E.S Artistes – Santigold 
If I had to pick a life theme song it would be this song. Years later, and hundreds of plays later, I still get chills listening to this anthem. Nothing makes me feel motivated and strong (I am woman hear me roar) like this song.

2. Sweatpants – Childish Cambino
I have a massive crush on Donald Glover – Donald, if you’re reading this ‘hiiiiiii’ – I mean a musician, actor and comedian, so much talent.

3. Yonkers – Tyler The Creator 
Tyler was 17 I think when he made this song and the video itself inspires me creatively. The song and lyrics itself are super bad ass too.

4. Cobrastyle – Robyn
I have such a girl crush on Robyn. She is the queen of cool. This jam is getting a bit old now, but still such a bannger and reminds you that you’re a badass.

5. Bad Girls – M.I.A 
Speaking of girl crushes’ M.I.A is basically my ultimate. She has been with me for years and everytime I feel bad or low I play M.I.A to remind me that I’m a boss and I’m more than capable.

6. Das Me – Brooke Candy 
Brooke isn’t for everyone. I love her, and she is a bad-ass feminist, and listening to her makes me feel like a bad-ass feminist but she is pretty out there and can be crude. So not for the faint at heart.

7. Zealots – Fugees 
This is one of the best albums ever made. Seriously if you haven’t got it, go get it. I play it ALL the time and it came out in ’96. The song I chose is Zealots, and it was so hard to pick just won, I chose this one because it’s the Fugees rapping about how awesome they are.  Which they are. and if you sing along it’s you rapping about how awesome you are.

8.  Suk My Dick – Dizzee Rascal  
Another oldie but goodie – I flipping love blasting this tune when I want to yell at the world.

9. Something Bigger Something Better – Amanda Blank 
I almost didn’t put this song because I haven’t listened to it in a few years and it’s quite pop. But screw it, I still love it and it makes me feel happy and again a bad-ass chick reminding the listener that they too are bad-ass.

10. Rich Bitch – Die Antwoord 
What’s not to love? Yolandi + making shit happen + socialist undertones. Sounds like me!


That’s my list! Hope it cheered you up and reminded you that you are a bad-ass. I put together the playlist here.



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