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Cool People Doing Cool Stuff Fashion Week Edition – The Designer (Part 2)


Cool People Doing Cool Stuff Fashion Week Edition – The Designer (Part 2)


I’m VERY excited to get to publish this interview I had with Turet Knuefermann, formally TK Store. I have had a huge crush on her designs for a few years now – and guess what? She’s just a lovely as you though she was.

SP: Hi Turet, thanks so much for taking the time to do this interview! You must be so very busy at the moment. Tell me a bit about your latest collection?
TK: The latest Collection is in keeping with the identity we are well known for:  the style is clean, simple:  it encompasses the contrast of masculine & feminine:  essentially male cuts made in fabrics that ooze femininity.  Our designs are refined and sexy.  Feminine.  There is an empowerment that women have, that men have through other things. This collection gives women the confidence to be who they really are, so that they can forget about what they are wearing and just be themselves.

SP: What have been your inspirations behind this season?
TK: This season I used fabrics that I collected from all over the world:  from superfine linen/denim mixed wovens to a heavy woolen Blanket I picked up in Peru when on our way to Macchu Pichu, the textiles gave the direction for what the garments would become.  An unworked shape is a given for these particular fabrics, so it has a very Scandinavian or Japanese aesthetic and many of the pieces are one offs.  I love simplicity.  It has the most impact when carefully executed.  I designed pieces that our customers can wear with ease.Turet

SP: What made you change your brand name?
TK: After 10 years of travel and retail I have reached the point of having a strong identity and clear vision for the future look and direction of the label, and was fortunate enough to now be in a position to collaborate with top advertising creatives as well as architects to fulfil building my dream retail space and therefore an opportunity to reflect what the future of the brand is about.

SP: How long have you been in the industry for? I know I’ve been going into TK Store on High St for a few years now?
TK: I have been making clothes for as long as I can remember, and I think I started wholesaling about 5 years prior to opening my first TK store in Ponsonby in 2005.   In December we opened our new KNUEFERMANN Store (closed High street – too small!)  and it’s super exciting to have this haven where people can step away from the busy-ness of their lives and be spoilt with great service this “gallery-like” space.

SP: What do you love about NZFW?
TK: NZFW always makes the city buzz a little, and there’s nothing quite like a little pressure to complete a slightly bigger collection than usual to motivate and get the whole team banded and working together.

SP:How can you see the label evolving in the next few years, now that you have a little bub?
TK: Having a bub has made me more efficient and grounded I think! It’s definitely a big plus! We will develop Knuefermann into a globally recognised fashion brand, building the customer base and empowering our customers.

SP: What do you love about the NZ Fashion Industry?
TK: In all aspects there is a lot of support and you can gain fantastic friendships with manufacturers, media and clients.  ‘I think it’s fresh, free and fun, and you can be successful without being too serious.

SP: What do you find difficult about being so isolated (NZ is far away from everything!)?
TK: I think it doesn’t make things difficult.  With technology everything is accessible, and if anything I think it actually takes pressure off us!  The fact that we are further away makes us freer to create whatever vision we want.

SP: Lastly, what advice they would offer to up-and-comers. What would you suggest?
TK: I think everyone needs to find their own way of doing things according to what drives them, however a clear business plan and vision for the brand simplifies all decision making  along the way and is something that can cut a few years off reaching your dreams for sure!  I know it can be hard for creatives to buckle down and do this, however it certainly makes life easier in the long run!

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