How to get your perfect brows AND an exclusive Eleanor Dorn Brow kit giveaway

cara-delevingne sans pareil
Cara’s brows are the holy grail of brows.

Ok so I’m not GREAT at make-up. I’m not awful, but I’m not great. One thing that is the bane of my existence are my eyebrows. I love thick, lush brows – Cara Delevingne esk- I mean who doesn’t right? Problem is I don’t have a huge amount of brow game. I’m pale with not a huge amount of hair on my body, so it means not a huge amount of hair on me brows. Ah well.

When I colour in my brows it tends to look something like this:

Meh brows.

These brows are Ok I know, but compared to what’s out there, what pops up on my IG feed – they are average as HELL. Especially when the goal is this:

amazing brows sans pareil
Amazing brows.

Just that little bit of a step up ya know? Anywho, fear not! My friend Eleanor Dorn whom I have featured before has just come out with a brand new Brow Kit. YES. I tried it- and it’s amazing.

eleanor Dorn sans pareil

The kit comes with 1 x Brow Duo Pencil
1 x Brow Highlighter
1 x Brow Set
1 x Duo Sharpener

And you can watch her easy how-to video if you’re not quite sure what is meant to go where.

final outcome:

eleanor Dorn sans pareil robecca Leyden
Brow game on fleek! (Hopefully that term was used correctly, I cannot keep up with the youth of today)


eleanor Dorn sans pareil robecca
Generic duck face because I am an absolute awkward muppet in front of the camera.


and AND AND I have one kit to give away to a very lucky reader!!! Ahh!

To enter:

Follow @sans_pareil_blog and @eleanordornmakeup on ye old Instagram

Tag two friends in the comments and you’re in!!

Comp ends Sunday night at Midnight (21st Aug)

Good luck!!!

eleanordorn kit