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Street Style with Wajd – Coby


Street Style with Wajd – Coby

I stopped Coby on my way home from a long day at uni to discuss her outfit. As a lover of all things monochromatic, I was drawn to her outfit involving many shades of black. During the midst of winter with the forecast saying snow is on its way, winter fashion has become a lot more dense and layering has been a major part of style lately. I loved Coby’s black on black combination. She wore a dark grey (almost black) knit, paired with a black woollen cardigan over top. She finished off her outfit with black skinny jeans and a pair of chunky boots perfect for winter. I particularly loved how her duffle bag was faux black leather, which added a large variety of texture to her overall outfit. Yay for 50 shades of black!








I am a huge fan of the classic duffle bag. Duffle bags are super useful, and can be paired with nearly every outfit for an effortless casual look. I have always loved big bags that are super useful, so below I’ve linked my favourite ones!

Classy tan duffle

Blue and white polka dot duffle

Brown leather duffle

Shop Coby’s outfit here:

The Iconic cable knit cardigan

Black knit

Skinny jeans

Winter boots

Country road bag


 WajdWajd El-Matary 
 Based in Christchurch, Wajd studies a bachelor of arts at the University of Canterbury,   Majoring in English, Media & communication, and Music. As well as writing about and photographing fashion, Wajd reviews albums on her own website She has a huge passion for music and fashion and would one day love to work in either industry alongside journalism.



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