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Street Style with Wajd – Max


This week’s post is for the guys! The weather lately has impacted a lot of the style students havebeen wearing to university. For obvious reasons, we have been seeing a lot more crewnecks, warmwoolly jumpers, and big scarves. Max is a student studying Engineering at the University ofCanterbury, and I loved how the simple combination of his outfit created an incredible aesthetic. Hepaired a plain pair of black skinny jeans, Nike Janoski shoes, and a patterned crew-neck with amaroon beanie. My favourite thing about this outfit is the different colours used and the endless possibilities you could have with similar outfits in the future!

Max – Student from Christchurch


The classic oversized jumper.

Whether or not you want to have a patterned one or a plain one, here are some outfit combinations I’ve thought up!

– Similar to Max, you could wear a patterned jumper with plain black jeans to break the colour

in the outfit.

– A plain oversized jumper with a large scarf and beanie for the cold days!

– An oversized jumper with beige coloured pants for warmer days, with a beanie just in case it

gets cold.

– Try rolling up the sleeves so you have a more effortless look to your outfit!

– Ripped jeans can also add a nice twist to the outfit with plain black dress shoes.













sans pareil Wajd El-Matary










Get Max’s outfit here:

Since oversized crewnecks are quite easy to find, I’ve included where to get all the other items hewas wearing.

Jeanssilver-septum-406x406 sans pareil



Max also wore a septum ring, but if you would like to have a septum ring without the commitment, you can buy online from our very own web store here.




  Wajd El-Matary 
 Based in Christchurch, Wajd studies a bachelor of arts at the University of Canterbury,   Majoring in English, Media & communication, and Music. As well as writing about and photographing fashion, Wajd reviews albums on her own website She has a huge passion for music and fashion and would one day love to work in either industry alongside journalism.




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