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The 8 People You See at Fashion Week


The 8 People You See at Fashion Week

Ah, Fashion Week. That festive time of year where New Zealand’s most stylish venture out of their cave – like workrooms, look up from hunching over computer-screens and venture into the sunlight of Auckland’s Viaduct. Here they will be showcasing their latest creations to the public, industry and potential buyers. Thousands of Kiwis will swarm to the weeklong event to get a glimpse at what they will be wearing next season. Not to mention the hope of showing off their own personal style (lets be honest, getting street styled photographed is the mail goal). If you have never to a Fashion Week event before, it is something you have to check out once in your life – for the amazing outfits alone.

Here is my newbie guide to Who’s Who at the event. Make sure to print this out and keep it on you at all times.


  1. 1. The Frazzled Designer – One can usually tell the frazzled designer by the manic look in their eye while they hurriedly run around with a neglected cold coffee. They will generally be head to toe in Zambesi or there own designer wear, although their hair will probably not be washed. Do not get in the way of this person as they have been awake since last week and do not have time for any of your shit.


  1. 2. The Super Young Model – The model can be spotted by their willowy, androgynous frame. They will look about 16 years old and will have a far away gaze – because quite frankly being poked and prodded then shoved down a runway in 4 inch heels is tiring.


  1. The Bruised Photographer – The photographer can be reconised within the mass as evident in the bruising occurred from fighting over the best position in the photography pit. Further, they will have a look of fatigue from carrying around a small house deposit in the form of camera equipment. They will have despair in there eyes as everyone else goes home, they will have despair in their eyes as they leave to start many hours editing pictures.


  1. The Fashionesta – One can spot the fashionesta because they will usually be a fashion student or ex student and have not only come to fashion week to support their designer friends but they are hoping to be spotted by a blogger who will street style photograph their painstakingly put together outfit. No pair of jeans will be too ripped or shoe too platformed.


  1. The Blogger – Much like the Fashionesta, the aim of the game for the Blogger is to get noticed. Maybe their outfit, or maybe their blog – but probably their outfit.


Elena Perminova
Elena Perminova
  1. PR’s- The Public Relation clan can be seen gathered in small circles, wearing designer sunglasses, shiney expensive shoes. There will be an extra shot long black in one hand while they hurriedly talk into their phones with the other. If one gets close enough you will be able to hear them heated complaining about the reporters taking too long interviewing their talent (designers).


  1. Make Up Artist – The MUA can be spotted in their natural habitat which is somewhere in the vicinity of the MAC kiosk. They will not only be dressed solely in black but they will be the only people there at 7a.m. with a full face of make-up. Much like the photographer, the make-up artist will have a weary look from lugging around their huge make-up kits all day.


  1. The Magazine Editor – The magazine editor is the easiest to spot – they will be sitting front –row center of every show and probably drinking champagne in the media lounge.


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