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A Quick And Easy Way To Re-Vamp That Old Denim Jacket


A Quick And Easy Way To Re-Vamp That Old Denim Jacket

There aren’t many items in my wardrobe that stand the length of time.

I always seem to read that you should keep staple items in your wardrobe, go-to pieces that you can pull out in a jiff for any occasions. Like a little black dress. Problem for me is that I have a piece for 2-3 months tops and am generally over it to the point I sell it or give it away (or donate to the SPCA Op Shop – ’cause animals).

There is one piece I have had for 10 years and counting. A piece I love so much that ripped elbows and a frayed collar only lends to it’s charm. That piece is: my favourite denim jacket.

I love it. I love the colour. I love that I got it at a swap meet for $5. I love that 6 years ago I put studs on it and that inspite of that I still wear it. I love that I still get compliments on it.

The thing I love about pieces like this, is the more you do to them – add badges, wear out the elbow pads –  the more it can add to their unique character.

Which brings me to patches. Patches are a trend on clothing at the moment, so it’s important to not get too caught up in the trend and go over board. To keep my fav jacket on point I added some 90s inspired iron-ons and got a great look.




I recommend Ebay for this – you patches will be unique and also very inexpensive. Here are a few of my favs:


Click here to view on eBay
Click here to view in eBay


Click here to view on eBay

Now you have my denim re-vamp pro tips!

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