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Behind the Scenes of NZFW16 – A blogger’s insider guide to the choas


Behind the Scenes of NZFW16 – A blogger’s insider guide to the choas

A week out and I have FINALLY gotten through all of my NZFW16 content. I hope you enjoyed the runway styles and found some creative inspo – whatever that might be.

One thing that has come up in my newsfeed during, and leading up to FW, is an innate feeling of contempt lots of the general public feel towards the fashion scene. This isn’t an old concept – like the idea of the painful hipster, or even the j.a.f.f.a (Just Another Fucking Aucklander) the rest of the country calls (duh) Aucklanders – fashion folk can be labeled as pretentious, shallow and ridiculous. Vice NZ even writes a hilarious, yearly overheard at Fashion Week article taking snippets of cringe-worthy conversations.

Which they totally can be.

But then people from every aspect of life can be jerks.

I like to think of myself as an intelligent person (regardless of what my 5th form maths teacher might say) and I love the fashion industry for the most part. I’m still constantly amazed at how people can create such beautiful looking garments, and then spend decades building a business from their designs. There are so many intricate skills that are involved in clothing the public – the pattern makers to machinist to the marketing team – it’s mind boggling. Did you know that there are entire businesses dedicated to meticulously cutting buttons from exotic shells?  That’s what I aim to highlight, the people who aren’t awful, but are humble, charming and talented who love their art. And it really is craft comparable to pure art.

I’m a huge fan of Fashion Week around the world because I think it’s a great way to boost the local economy, getting the city a buzz and can introduce new designers who wouldn’t ever have such a great way to showcase their work to a huge audience. And a great way to meet the local industry!

On that note, for my final Fashion Week 2016 article, I want to bring you a summary of my week from behind the scenes. It doesn’t even nearly show the manicness of producing the event but it shows a behind the scene’s look into the whirlwind of content creation for a Fashion Blogger at Fashion Week!

meandlu sans pareil robecca leyden
Pre opening night – taking 1000000 carpark selfies with @mondayhustle,  posting 2.

There are lots of people that would disagree with me but I’m very much of the view with selfies ain’t no shame – (obviously within limits, don’t be dangerous or a douche) but If I’m standing in a car park taking 10000,000 selfies of what I’m wearing, then that’s my jam and it ain’t hurting no one. It’s also a HUGE part of content creation for the online world.

Here is what my week consisted of.. 

Adjusting….adjusting and more adjusting

14182195_10155195438234447_54503568_n 14182559_10155195438874447_1320226824_n 14218551_10155195440304447_575553223_n adjusting

Getting a selfie you don’t hate.
Colleen tender and light
Taking style shots of others














Photography Pit
Waiting for shows to start when you know you should be writing.













camera Gathum



More photos of outfits.









Drinking at the end of a 10 hour day.










Meeting other cool international bloggers like

Lisa Barber – and then writing about her! rain

Cold, wet and hungry – taking photos of what I’m wearing im the rain.

Goodie bags – what do you even Do with this much tooth paste?!
More waiting for shows to begin…











Taking a million photos of the Trelise Cooper show trying to get a good image only to find this guy’s head in all of them and being told if you move from your seat again you’ll be kicked out.
More waiting for shows to start.


jarrad                                                                        jarrad godman

Taking pictures with your designer friends and looking like total rubbish but posting it anyway to show support.

salsai runway sans pareil
Being inspired for the long day ahead by some amazing show designs.



Behind the scene after the French 83 show.

Taking photos for interviews – poor @gutham




14215526_10155194490934447_1791116933_o             14191650_10155194491189447_1118665677_o        midshotsassandbide

MORE photos of outfits

By Thursday, wishing this was me
How cute does my little Eleanor look?? Best MUA in zee world!




Finding abandoned jeans and a can of red bull

while waiting for an interview at the Stolen Girlfriend’s show.




MORE friggen outfits and images. Honestly, I’ve been in sweats ever since.

Part of the 2 minutes I was allowed backstage at Stolen.


So that’s my VERY long post on all of the behind the scenes mayhem of my week at Fashion Week! And I’m just a blogger – can’t imagine how exhausted the designers must be!




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