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We Should Probably Talk About Those Christopher Kane Crocs


Yes, you did read that correctly.

Christopher Kane, one of London Fashion Week’s darlings, did a collaboration with Crocs.

Yes, Crocs. Those shoes your mum wears gardening.

We need to discuss this.

So earlier this week, during London Fashion Week, the super talented designer had his 10 year anniversary show. I love the aesthetic of the collection – rock’n’roll meets girlie. Hey! That’s pretty much me. And how can you not want to wear a skirt and sweatshirt? So comfy. 10+ points.

Christopher Kane sans pareil fashion blogger
Some key looks from the show.

But then as I’m scrolling through and, I stop. Some of the shoes those models are wearing look kinda like…..then I see a close up.

Christopher Kane sans pareil fashion blogger
Seriously WTF?

gallery-1474401805- sans pareil fashion blogger

Yup. Those are crocs at London Fashion Week.

Now, I know that fashion is all about ‘never say never’, and ‘expect the unexpected’. But seriously, crocs? Why? After reading a little bit about the background of his ugh, unique choice, I came by this quote,

“I’m a challenger, an alchemist, I always like to try and change things into gold.” Kane is renowned for his knack of taking an everyday, even ugly item and giving it a fashion twist.”

Ok. Not as awful as I first thought, and even kinda cool.  However, cool for the runway, but sure all hell will not be going on my feet anytime soon.

What do you think? Idea cool? Or hellllll no?




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