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We try the brand new range of DB Cosmetics – So you don’t have to!


We try the brand new range of DB Cosmetics – So you don’t have to!

It was an exciting time to be at home when a box of Designer Brands goodies showed up at my door. Eager and excited I ripped open the box to find a mass amount of cute products to try out! Not only are all the products vegan & cruelty free (score), a lot of the items were also packaged in cute rose gold packaging. There were lipsticks, a foundation, a cream contour palette, and a lip liner. Check out the review below!

Foundation: I was excited to try out the luminous cushion foundation, as I’d never used one before like it. It was easy to apply, and built up great coverage! The formula itself was super hydrating and worked well for my skin. I was impressed which is pretty un like me when it comes to drugstore foundations… I loved the foundation so much I even copped a selfie! 9/10!


Lipsticks: The lipsticks were all nude colours, which I absolutely LOVE! They were soft and creamy, and after I checked them out 7 hours after wearing them, there was no feathering. They had a glossy finish which I also love, and were extremely hydrating. My favourite colour was Nude Latte because it was the perfect deep nude-y pink. 10/10


Cream contour kit: I’m pretty fussy with contour kits, and found this a little hard to blend, and the warm toned colour didn’t really suit the undertones to my skin. BUT I did like the way it looked once it was blended out, as it was super subtle but still there. I would love this product more if there was a tiny more pigment, but for the price it’s pretty reasonable! 6/10



Lip liner: At first, I wasn’t a fan as it had no colour pay off (crazy, right!?!?). But after reading more about the product I realised it was meant to be an invisible lip liner you could wear under all colours of lipstick, which I thought was very convenient. The lip liner was moisturising and worked super well with the lipstick. 8/10


Overall I was pretty damn impressed with the products I was sent, and since they’re so bloody cheap you really can’t go wrong if you don’t like one of the products as they could work perfectly as a gift. Good job DB Cosmetics, you’ve impressed a drugstore makeup snob!

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