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How To Get A Bra Fitting Without Pulling Your Hair Out



As cool as they look, they can be the bane of existence for the woman carrying them. If they’re real big you can’t sleep on your stomach, you can forget running unless you’re basically wearing a bra made out of something heavy duty invented by NASA; and if they’re real small  you might spend your life staring at two deflated bra cups in the mirror cursing.

Like a huge amount of women, as my body has changed and morphed I’ve been variations of both. At 15 I was so flat that my best friend would pass down her old bras to me as she outgrew them – true story. Then a few summers ago as I stopped going to the gym so much and gained about a dress size, I noticed in bikini photos that I not only had unintentional cleavage when I leaned into take pictures with friends – but it was lots of cleavage. Weird. Boobs are weird.

My love of sports bras as everyday bras was no longer viable.

Every woman has usually had some sort struggle with her bust, and on top of that it’s hard to even know what size you are on a good day, let alone when you lose/ gain weight,  have your period, or even just that it’s a random tuesday and your body thinks it’s funny to torture you.

I truthfully hate bra shopping and especially despise the idea of getting a fitting. It’s one of one of those things you know you should probably do but the idea of someone standing in the fitting room with you, measuring you, potentially judging you – all seems like effort and uncomfort.

HOWEVER – It’s actually not as awful as I imagined. Firstly, most bra fittings are done over your top so no need to awkwardly make eye contact with the assistant in the mirror and feel the urge to apologise for the condition of your current bra and/or forgetting to shave under your arms (or is that just me?)

I can happily assure you, that when I went into the lingerie section at Farmers,  all that happened was a knowledgeable assistant measured me around the bust over my top and then told me what size I should be looking at. Then you can either go find some options together or do your own thing.  It’s a good idea to get shown how to put your bra on properly at least once in your life, and also explained how it should fit.

Blogger Fashion fashion blogger nz farmers lingerie
I have officially graduated to grown- up bras.


Blogger Fashion fashion blogger nz farmers lingerie
Honey Vegas is amaze.


Here are some things I learnt from my experience:

  1. Take the actual measurement with a grain of salt, after all every brand will fit differently, so never assume you’re a universal size.
  2. When putting on the bra – lean forward and place each breast in the cups so they totally fill it out.
  3. A bra fits you when the middle bit sits completely flat.
  4. Find a brand you like. I found out I love Honey Vegas and the two bras I came away with are that brand. (Best thing, was that both were under $50!)
  5. For god’s sake, have at least one comfy bra. It might look hot as hell in the fitting room, but the idea of putting that on at 7am for a 10 hour work day will make you shudder and go back to your old faithful that is falling apart.
  6. On that note, invest in a decent strapless, a nude, a sports bra and a t-shirt bra. No point having a fancy lacy number if it makes your t-shirt look like you’ve got some sort of orange peel thing happening under it.

I learnt all this from my lovely bra fitter, and we’re now super pals so I recommend giving it a go.

Farmers are launching their BeYOUtiful Lingerie for the month of October (with the big sale happening Oct 4-13). When you go in and get a much-needed bra fitting, and use your farmers Club Card at the counter when buying – you automatically go in the draw to win $1000 voucher which will more than cover all of the bras you need and whatever else. Also, being Farmers you can get pretty much every size, shape and brand you want or need – so phew.

For all the details check out the Farmers website and facebook page.

Now go and make sure your boobs are happy!







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