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We Try Out Collection Cosmetics


We Try Out Collection Cosmetics

If you’ve heard a little bit about Collection Cosmetics, you’ll know they have a concealer that is highly raved about for its creamy, rich, full coverage texture. For this reason I was super pumped to try out a bunch of stuff from their range as a part of a review, including mascara, an eyebrow kit, a lippie, an eyeliner, a highlighting and sculpting kit, and their word famous concealer. I applied a full face at the beginning of the day, and waited anxiously for time to test if these products were going to hold up nicely on a hot day!


Does it all 5 in 1 Mascara


First impression: Nice formula! No clumping, separates lashes SUPER well and volumises a lot. Love the brush too!


Brunette Eyebrow Kit

First impression: When swatched on my hand I noticed the formula was a little too powdery for my liking. When applied to the eyebrows it was super smooth and blended nicely and looked SO natural. The kit also came with brow mascara and an eyebrow brush, super handy!

End of day thoughts: I was surprised the colour hadn’t faded or lightened to a grey due to its blue

undertone, it held up super nicely and I was impressed. The brow mascara also helped everything look super tidy and natural.

Eye definition liquid eyeliner:

First impression: Such a nice formula! Dries to a really matte black and glides on the lid nicely, BUT the wand is such a mission to use! It is so long, making it almost impossible to get really close to the eyelid and you have almost no control over it. Stressed me out so much and I struggled doing a wing, so I had to rub off all my makeup and start again, and just do a plan line of eyeliner.

End of day thoughts: Stayed on all day and was super hard to remove, but that damn wand was so hard to control!

Lasting colour lipstick:

First impression: When I swatched it on my hand the colour was beautiful! Unfortunately not my kind of colour as I feel it didn’t really suit my makeup look that day, but I was still willing to try it out. It was super buttery and creamy and SO pigmented.



End of day thoughts: Stayed on all day! Ate a few meals and only had to touch it up once at the end. Super hydrating formula which left my lips feeling soft!

Lasting collection ultimate wear concealer:

First impression: I was super excited to try out this concealer, and was SUPER impressed with the way it went on to the skin. It did crease a little, but nothing a little under eye powder couldn’t fix. It has ultimate coverage and hydrated my skin so much! It also came with a doe foot applicator which was super handy for concealer under the eyes, LOVE!

End of day thoughts: The concealer didn’t move around and it kept my face looking absolutely glowing. Loved how good it looked on the skin.

Highlighting and Sculpting

First impression: Although the contour shade was a little too light for my skin colour, it looked really nice and natural on my skin and blended super well with the rest of the foundation! The highlight however, was amazing! The pigmentation was incredible, and it blended like a dream and was extremely reflective.

End of day thoughts: Everything stayed on really nicely, and unlike other powders it didn’t sink into my pores.






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