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We Try Some Of The Best in Vegan Cosmetics: INIKA


We Try Some Of The Best in Vegan Cosmetics: INIKA

was BEYOND excited when a box of Inika goodies came in the mail waiting to try out. These

cosmetics are 100% vegan, 100% organic, and 100% caught my attention! I was super stoked with the packaging as I am a huge fan of black and gold, and once I opened the packages there was a super pretty bright green on the inside of the packaging. I got sent two cream eyeshadows in the shades Pink Cloud and Champagne, a primer, a mineral blush, and a liquid highlighter.

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Pure Primer

When I first applied this to my face I was surprised with how thin and hydrating it is. Once I started building it up on my skin it started getting tacky, which is always good for a primer! In terms of day wear, It kept my foundation a lot longer lasting and actually helped with oxidation that my Lancome foundation gives off sometimes. Loved the scent too!

Pink Cloud and Champagne

Being my first time trying a cream eyeshadow, I had a LOT of trial and error before I was able to come up with the look I have pictured. They weren’t as creamy as I thought they would be and had only the slightest shimmer, which made them look a little like a pink and gold tinted moisturiser for your eyelids. Nevertheless, I tried it out a million times and found the consistency fantastic; plus it looked GREAT dried!

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sans pareil fashion blogger nz Mineral Blush

I was surprised with the packaging of the mineral blush, as I’d never used a product like it. It states on the packaging to press firmer for a more intense look and lightly for a natural look. I tried it out and loved it, and oh my GOD this worked absolutely incredible on my eyelids! Since it was a mineral blush, it was wildly pigmented (possibly one of the most pigmented products I have ever used?) and looked absolutely incredibly on the lids.

Light Reflecting Highlighting Cream

This swatched super nicely, and gave off the nicest reflective highlight once applied to the skin. It didn’t clog pores which is usually my biggest issue with highlighters, but it glided on super nicely and looked so dewy and glossy since it was a liquid not a powder!14610560_1608845146082272_136721629_n



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