How to Dress for Autumn in the London

I have made it no secret that I have spent the last few weeks trailing through Europe with my final destination in London. I had never been to that city before and I was excited to see what the style hub had to offer. London is known around the world as having a unique ‘London style’ and I wanted to try it out for myself. (On that note check out my recent article on London style.

All the items I am wearing I got from the European shop Bershka. I know it looks cheap and young, hey, some of it is, but it’s also amazing and was my fav shop!) I also was super damn British and took the images outside St Paul’s Cathedral – so fun scenic times!


st-pauls blog sans pareil fashion blogger

sans-pareil-st-pauls blogger fashion blogger

london-st-pauls-blog blogger fashion blogger


london-autumn blogger fashion blogger
Why do I feel like Marry Poppins in this pic?
st-pauls-ca blog sans pareil fashion blogger
….and this one?

london-st-pauls blog sans pareil fashion blogger



london-sans-pareil-4 blog sans pareil fashion blogger

london-autumn-st-pauls blog sans pareil fashion blogger