A Style Blogger’s Top Tips for Packing to Travel PLUS Win a $250 Ziera Voucher!

Packing is possibly the WORST thing about travel.
I never know what to include, so end up including EVERYTHING; then find myself dragging along one or two (or three eep) pieces of luggage. And I still feel like I have nothing to wear. Ugh.

This is a major first world problem for me: I have enough money to travel and that’s awesome; but not enough to avoid big cues or the egregious mission of getting myself and my much luggage from point A to point B.

After running around Shanghai airport for 3 hours trying to get through customs…desperately needed a coffee and a sit down.

Anyhow, I digress. And by now you get the picture that packing is a stressful situation for me.
So. This time I was headed to Europe and what to pack seemed extra important. Important like “WHAT THE HECK DO I BRING TO FREAKING EUROPE?? OMG I’M MEANT TO BE A STYLE BLOGGER! PEOPLE ARE GOING TO KNOW THAT I ACTUALLY SUCK AT DRESSING MYSELF” mini mental breakdown I may or may-not have had on my bedroom floor – I soon realised I needed to bring items that are A) stylish B) comfortable and C) understated so I don’t look like I’m wearing the same three things the entire trip.

(Hey I love my sequin and mesh t-shirt dress more than anything, but something told me I would start to hate it after a 30 hour flight).

Enter Ziera Shoes.
Now I’m the first to admit that I can be super stingy and try as I do, succumb to fast fashion. I end up buying something that’s cheap but bang on the latest trend. And then hate it a few weeks later. Anyone else like me?
This approach is beyond ridiculous because as a modern, working superwoman (I like to imagine myself somewhere between Carrie Bradshaw and Melanie Griffith in Working Girl) I need shoes that look good, but can support my crazy, busy lifestyle.
This was x10000 travelling overseas. Everyday, I was not only out and about seeing sights but I also had a mixture of events to attend, some of which included meeting potential business clients (FYI trying to look all professional and chic straight outta the suitcase is HARD).


FYI this was my view while writing some of this article (Gent, Belgium)

Luckily for me, the lovely Ziera people let me pick some shoes that I could travel with and experience luxury comfort while still feeling all pretty like.

I picked the TONI Flats in black which are crazy comfortable. Like CRAZY. My suitcase went missing for a week when I first arrived in Prague (looong, tedious story) so I had to buy new clothes. Which you think would be awesome, but imagine being in a County where you cannot speak the language so have no idea where anything is, no one really dresses like you and your clothes budget is now going towards things like underwear and tights instead of cool, exotic statement pieces. Plus, the shoes I bought literally cut up my feet.  By the time I got my suitcase back in Belgium, I was near tears, I was so grateful.


So English- I had to!


Lounging in London.

These slides were such a god-send, so easy to wear and looked great for most of the adventures I was running around doing.

Now go check them out on the gram: @zierashoes Facebook and the website and see why I gave them such a rave review. 

Also I have an AMAZING $250 Ziera voucher to giveaway where you too can pick your dream shoes (Check out what you could get here) AND they even have a travel section AND AND AND my TONIs are in there without me even knowing they were- see maybe I AM a good style and whatnot.

To Enter: 

  1. Comment either here, facebook or Instagram, with why you would love a new pair of travel shoes.

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Winner will be announced via Instagram Friday the 16th Dec (perfect for Xmas).

I’ll be re-posting the details on facebook and Instagram.

Happy shoe hunting x