Get The Perfect Xmas Setting – On The Cheap! By The Warehouse NZ Hacks

@thewarehousenzhacks has awesomely done this amazing guest post JUST for sans pareil readers! Lucky us!

Just in time for Xmas- how to get that designer table setting, on the cheap, all from the Warehouse. So you have more money in your pocket for presents! (Even presents for yourself- cause that totally counts too).

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Image source: smittenstudioonline.com

You can create a gorgeous Christmas table setting like this one with items from The Warehouse. #GettheLook with

1. Wonderland Jute Table Runner $9.60

2. Indoors Out Bamboo Dinner Plate Charcoal $2.40

3. Luminarc Chateau Red Wine 4 Pack $17.00

4. Harrison & Lane mirage Cutlery Gold Set 16 Piece $60.00

5. necessities Brand Dinner Plate White $1.00

Prices accurate at the time of posting.


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