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Sort That NYE Outfit ASAP


When it comes to party clothing, practicality is the most important part of an outfit for me. I love clothing I can be comfortable in for the whole night, and not have to worry about any pain or doubting my outfit later on in the night. Something important to look out for is clothing that can be worn year round. What’s the point of buying an outfit you’ll never wear again? Think outfits that can be worn whatever season, like shirts that can be layered or skirts that can be worn with different shirts and shoes. Below is an outfit that does exactly that!

Mustard Kimonosans-pareil-fashion-blog-fashion

For a nice pop of colour, this kimono works super well over the playsuit. Not only is it practical, but super trendy at the moment and has a comfort level of about 100. This kimono can be worn with almost everything, and looks good whatever the weather. It’s light enough to party in, but gives enough warmth for when you’re standing outside in the cold weather counting down!

Strappy Heels


I have a love/hate relationship with heels, as I hate the feeling of taking them off at the end of the night and resting my poor throbbing feet. One thing I do love though, is a great heel that has enough versatility to be worn day or night, and a heel that isn’t going to fill the shoes with my own blood. This heel is super great as it gives that little bit of height whilst still being comforting enough. Love!

Sequin Bag


To add a nice change of texture to the outfit, I decided to throw in a gorgeous sequin bag that is also black and matches almost basically whatever you pop it with.

Clear Quartz Crystal Necklace


My fave thing about this necklace is how it adds a great finishing touch to every outfit. It’s the perfect balance of simple and glam, with a sterling silver chain and a classy touch to it, this necklace will be compatible with every one of your outfits! You can also choose which length you’d like the chain to be, which is always handy when putting together different outfits that have different necklines.




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