Aucklanders Protest Trump’s Islamophobic Travel Ban In Aotea Square Images By Greg Hounsell

About 1000 people gathered yesterday in Aotea Square in auckland to protest the Trump ban on people coming into the US from middle eastern countries. The peaceful protest, which was organised via a facebook event stats on the page:

“Donald Trump has made executive orders to implement a 120-day ban on refugees, a 90-day ban on Muslim majority countries: Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Libya and Somalia and an indefinite ban on all Syrian refugees. These bans are designed to terrorise millions in the U.S. and beyond.

But Trump’s racist assault is being met with inspiring protests which have erupted across the US, especially outside airports, to overturn the ban on Muslims and refugees and to release those detained.

We need to make a statement that we are against Trump’s Muslim and refugee ban and we do not tolerate racism in any form. We cannot let prejudice and (21st century) fascism define our global future, and the future of the generations to come.

Tuesday’s protest will not just stand in solidarity with those targeted in the US. We need to speak out against rampant Islamophobia in Aotearoa New Zealand and Australia.

Let’s join together on Tuesday the 7th of February at 6:00pm at Aotea Square to make a statement that people of Aotearoa are against Trump’s Muslim ban and racist immigration policies. We stand in solidarity with the people in the US who are resisting the Muslim and refugee ban and all those affected by Islamophobia worldwide.”

Even though much of the bands were lifted the group had this to say:

The immigration ban is ‘temporarily’ lifted, and this does not mean an end to fascism, racism and centuries of oppression and dehumanisation of people of colour and indigenous nations. Trump and Trumpism are the symptoms of our passivity and indifference to years of implicit fascism that presented itself as a civil norm.

More than two and half million human beings have been deported during Obama administrations, more than thousands of human beings are imprisoned in appalling and brutal conditions in detention centres of Australian governments, and for decades xenophobic governments around the world are building walls, banning human beings and oppressing the others.

Therefore, the ‘temporarily’ life of the ban must not lead us to the past passivity and indifference.

We have to stand up to the xenophobic, fascist and racist policies and individuals and for that reason, today’s rally is more relevant and vital for lives of many marginalised and dehumanised human beings.

As people of Aotearoa, we will gather tonight to show that we stand against all form of hatred, division and oppression. See you all there!”

It was really awesome to see a group of diversity come together as one and stand up for what’s right. One thing I think the Trup administration is doing, is uniting the world in standing against it.