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The Best Outfit Ideas Of The Week


This may seem a bit strange (Pajamas as outerwear?! Like one of those ‘as seen at Walmart’ threads? firstly, no) It’s actually a super cool trend I’m all for – I mean how can you not be behind this level of comfort day wear?? And it kinda makes sense – after all haven’t you ever worn a satin slip and thought “this is really nice, I could wear this out”? Well, now you can!

You basically have three options – or levels as I like to call them.

1.(Beginner) the satin/silk slip. This style has come off the back of the never fading 90s revival trend – a simple slip that kinda looks like a nighty but the line is blurred and with shoes, and a bomber it looks chic.

2. (Intermediate) the kimono. there are SO many cute Kimonos out there. I prefer silky ones so I usually go to the dressing gown section of a shop first, plus they’re usually cheaper. (I got a super amaze one the other day which I will show you how I made it into a dress in an up coming post).

3.(Expert) this look might take a little bit of balls and some experimenting, but once you get the right look, it will look amazing. This is the silk pajama top. This look was recently seen on runways, celebrities, fashion bloggers the world over. 

And I’ve got a way you can get this look on the cheap! On a trip to the Warehouse today I found the exact same style of PJ top from $29! Check. It. Out. and Get. The. Look.


Bloggers/Models alike love the look

If Riri does it then you know it’s fashion forward




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