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Be Clear On Why You Want To Get Into Fitness To Get The Results You Want


This mantra is designed to help you manoeuvre yourself through the crowd of short-term gym goers, who flock to the gyms in the early part of January to wreak havoc as gym machines that then become ques and the sparse selection of dumbbells you actually want, become a luxury. Armed with their brand new gym gear and protein shake in one hand they only seem to last as long as the one month customary ‘Dry and January’.

Well this certainly can’t be you, or you wouldn’t be reading this.
It’s time to break down the philosophy we have that will create the best version of  YOU this 2017. To get you here I have to start with the most important of the 3 magical C’s (Consistency, Cardio and Cuisine Consistency) Read my article on these here.
‘Virgin Active Master PT’ @MichaelAkande emphasises one of the most important keys to being successful. His wise words include ‘’having integrity to your goals’’ because at the end of the day you’re only in a race with yourself. You are the artist with the creative freedom to tailor your runway, goals, ambition and effort.
Your mentality is so important because you need to convince yourself it is worth the pain. One way to keep the fuel inside you burning is to have a strong ‘why?’ Ask yourself why you want to get fitter, stronger, slimmer or whatever your plan is and then write it down.
Lets get down to business, Master PT Mike has developed something he calls the ‘five fives’. It’s a really simple way to get you kick-started into this new way of thinking. And you don’t even need a gym to get this work done.
Five sets of 10-20 repetitions twice using two different exercises ( try weightless squats and crunches)
Check out my page to get more ‘Five Fives’ and technical advice that I will begin rustling up throughout the year.

And don’t forget to get your 5+ a day!

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Watch the video below, for a great, quick workout!


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