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9 BADASS Babes to Celebrate International Women’s Day for my #NastyWomen


Counting down  the baddest of the bad #girlbosses to help you celebrate International Woman’s Day!

9. Pussy Riot (Yes this is a group but they are amazing) not only are they outspoken social activists and feminists, but they do it all from Putin’s Russia which would be frightening as hell!

8. Ruth Badass ( I mean Bader) Ginsburg. If you haven’t heard of Ruth, then my oh my are you in for a treat. Currently the only lady sitting as the Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. She is a staunch feminist and activist and is the hero of many little girls.


7. M.I.A – I just love this woman. Her outspokenness about politics and social issues is what Rhianna WISHES she was. Take the video for Bad Girls. not only is is a banger, but the whole thing is a social commentary on women not being able to legally drive in Saudi Arabia.

6. Arundhati Roy. Author of one of the most beautifully written books ever, The God Of Small Things (It’s sooo good read it now) Roy is also a public speaker, and an activist for her home, India.

5. Nancy Wake. Born in New Zealand (yeah boi!) Nancy Wake was the Allies’ most decorated servicewoman of WWII, and the Gestapo’s most-wanted person. She joined the French Resistance, and became deeply involved in helping to spirit a thousand or more escaped prisoners of war and downed Allied fliers out of France through to Spain.

4. Helen Clark. Leader of the center left, Labour Party in New Zealand, she was one politician I always liked. As well as doing lots for NZ, helped students all across the country by ending interest on student loans, she is now currently working for the United Nations!

3. Iris Apfel. The original style icon, Iris is the queen of keeping it real. She’s been in the New York fashion industry since 1950. She has always stuck to her guns and kept her style the loud, busy and funky. And at 95, she’s still going strong!

2. Nadezhda Tolokonnikova. I know I mentioned Pussy Riot already, but Nadezhda deserves her own special shout out. Going to jail for 4 years in Russia, the feminist and activist has done wonders for women’s rights.  Check out this music video she made last October, protesting Donald Trump.

1. Michelle Obama. I LOVE Michelle. I wish she would run for President 2020 but sadly she told Oprah, she had no interest. The humanitarian, writer and lawyer just epitomises what I think of as progressive. She’s SO smart, and again and again gives speeches that become iconic (so much so that the current first lady plagiarized one).




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