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Sans Pareil x blink lashs

Being a blogger/running a website is hard. REAL HARD.

My friend Belinda from NZ Girl once told me she’s proud to be a blogger – it pretty much means you can run an entire business by yourself. My friend Lucy from Monday Hustle, and I have OFTEN sat with large glasses of something alcoholic wondering why we do this to ourselves.

And it’s a tough gig. The parts where we take influencer photos at an event is literally 5% of what we do. Sending a million and one emails, getting a million rejections, fighting for paid assignments, having EVERYONE and their cat wanting free publicity form you, writing and creating content until the wee hours of the night – that’s the real guts of the beast. In saying that though, there must be some kind of magic to it because we still do it. We still thrive on a positive reaction from our readers and the creativity gives us the biggest thrill.

So, on that note I want to thank everyone who helped me get to ID Fashion Week this year. Without sponsors, a blogger like myself would not exist. And not to be all sales pitchy, but we bloggers/influencers are pretty good to our sponsors. We don’t forget about them. There is no shoving down the bottom of a list. We ARE small business and we get you. And with that, here are some great local business that I partnered with, and I also back.

Hounsell Accounting

Huh? I can hear you go. How does an accounting firm have anything to do with a Fashion and Lifestyle site. Well, they are a very cool, medium sized, family owned company in Takapuna that enjoy supporting other local business, projects and charities. AND they are great accountants! Check em.

Lisburne House

I stayed in this GORGEOUS victorian house during my time in Dunedin. I 100% recommend you stay there if you’re ever in Dunedin, for the photos alone!

Lisburne House




Paper Bag Princess 

Is my FAVVVVV thrift/vintage shop in Auckland. So much of my wardrobe is from there, and lucky me they let me borrow clothes for events. If you’ve got time to kill, and are around K Rd, go browse their great selection.

                sans pareil fashion blogger

The Art Of Nails

If you are a  regular follow on the ‘gram (If you’re not, then why?!) , you KNOW I love nails. I love nail art and all things shiny basically. My latest nail sponsor, The Art Of Nails are the BEST. I will not get my nails done anywhere else. They have ruined me for mall nail salons for ever. The quality is amazing, plus they are several locations around Auckland so you have that easily accessible mall- thing happening with boutique quality.

Pat Menzies

Another favourite – I’ve done a bit of work with Pat Menzies in the past, and I’m such a huge fan. Locally owned, and have the best and most unique selection of casual shoes in New Zealand I’d say (so your docs, vans, lacoste etc). They have recently started selling these awesome QUAY AUSTRALIA sunnies that I’m in love with and totally fit their cool kid style.

Sans Pareil Pat Menzies sunglasses

Blink Lash Bar

I’ve said this before, but I love the look of fake lashes but if there is one makeup thing i’m SO bad it – it’s false eyelashes. Anyone else hate putting them on, and just fail at it? I’ve gotten lash extensions in the past, but they just look too much usually. I feel like one of those creepy china dolls your Grandma has sitting in the spare bedroom of her house. Then I went to Jess who runs Blink and was SO happy with the result. There was enough oomph so they looked noticeable but not fake. AND I didn’t need to worry about mascara my entire trip. Dream.

Sans Pareil x blink lashs


So that’s about it for all the wonderful people and brands that helped me get to where I wanted to be! They are all places I and businesses I 100% back so check em out!



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