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Scarfie Envy

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I never learned true appreciation for scarves until I had children.

Before that, a scarf was only a winter necessity which emerged in my rebel year at Otago – an Aucklander in the Deep South could be picked out by the stubborn insistence to wear one for a majority of a year and the bigger the better for me because wearing a duvet outdoors is not a thing, apparently!

I pinpoint children as my first real delve into scarves because first I used them to cover my bump when the weather got cold and I couldn’t button my coats up anymore. Then as a great breastfeeding cover (one less thing to find in my bag at the last minute), and then I realised they could hide a multitude of random spots on my clothes at the last minute while out and about- what a winner! By my third baby bump I was completely hooked. I now have scarves for all seasons and sizes and colours and fabrics that sometimes I can’t decide which to wear and I layer them depending on the weather.

Scarves are awesome and easy for lifting an outfit. Depending on what your occasion is- whether just out to the mall or to work or even a formal event, the right scarf also adds a bit of personality and draw focus to the top of your body to your face, great for those who feel self conscious of other areas of their body (side note: please love your bodies, we all have only the one so make sure you rock it well!).

You can wear scarves different ways too. A cute retro bow tie around the neck for skinny silk scarves, or in your hair to keep the locks fresh for later, a lovely chunky wool scarf wrapped around the collar or a longline chiffon scarf peeping out of your Macintosh collar. I wear mine long with a coat to work, or as a giant cowl over my favourite alpaca wool sweater and jeans for a market jaunt, and big chunky wool shawl scarves when in the rain. A lightweight large scarf or even an infinity scarf is perfect in your handbag for that ‘just in case’ moment, the accidental coffee spill, Breastfeeding, taking your outfit from day to night and one event straight after another.

Save luxe fabrics like velvets, heavy sequin and bead work, some silks, and organza and chiffon for nights out. During the day, anything goes. There are wicked prints out there and they are so easy to find on any budget but I’m a woman of habit and I find mine at the markets because I am weird and like items that hold stories in their weaves. There are a few in my closet I don’t wear because they are too delicate for my lifestyle right now- a vivid green silk with tailors tape print (a birthday gift from my work ladies, of course), a crystal encrusted scarf from China (from my uncle and it came with instructions on how to wear it, and a divine orange and red silk scarf still in the wrapping that I pull out once in a while to run my fingers over- it’s very soft.

Making scarves isn’t hard either, if you have trouble finding something you are in love with. Fabric stores have all sorts of textiles and prints it would be crazy not to try wear them. Remnants can be handsewn or machine stitched around their edges to suit, knit fabrics don’t have to be hemmed but you can overlock to keep them tidy. Infinity scarves are EASY. Simply fold the fabric in half and sew the edges together on the opposite side to the fold, and turn out…voila!! Crochet and knitted scarves are great and there are neat tutorials online for arm knitting so you could finish one in an afternoon.

Scarves are amazing.
Accessories in general are amazing but to me scarves are something that have so many uses and ways of wearing that can change the personality of your outfit instantly. They are perfect for all seasons and they don’t really look unfashionable, do they?

Happy shopping x




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