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How to Save Money and the Environment without Trying


Looking after our environment and wallets doesn’t need to be a chore. Miranda Likeman gives us 6 quick and not so dirty tips to a better tomorrow with minimum effort

If you use liquid body wash, heck even if you don’t, buy yourself a shower pouf. It lathers up even the smallest bit of soap so it lasts longer. Just remember to give your pouf a cleaning of its own in mixture of 50 percent water and 50 percent white vinegar to naturally disinfect and freshen without the use of harsh chemicals.

Speaking of white vinegar, that magic stuff can be used to clean almost anything in the house from stain removal to unclogging drains. Get some baking soda too and you have a pretty powerful toilet cleaner. Put a two-one vinegar and water combination in a spray bottle, and try using it before turning to more expensive chemical cleaners.

Next time your lightbulb blows, replace it with an LED one. Much better on energy consumption than energy saving ones (and brighter) they also reduce fire risk in your home as they emit very little heat. Their prices have come down recently, but if you still find them pricey at your supermarket, get online where you can buy some that are extremely cool.

Reduce your waste. Take a funky bag to the supermarket! Start a compost bin! Recycle everything you can! Take your own containers to the takeaways!  If you buy prepaid bin bags, this can save you a tonne of money and cut down your carbon footprint.

Buy less. Remember last time you were in the supermarket, and they had a two for one deal on rolls? So you bought two, but the second packet didn’t get eaten and you ended up feeding it to the birds (which you shouldn’t do, FYI). In the modern world we are sucked into buying far more than we need. Try ‘shopping’ from your pantry before you buy new food… use up everything in the freezer and get creative with leftovers. Then make a list of ONLY food you are going to eat for your next week’s meals and STICK TO IT!

Shop smart. Every supermarket price label has the cost per 100grams or mls written under it. When brand doesn’t matter, simply choose the product that is cheapest per quantity. Like cat food – my Sooty loves the variety! When the price is too good to be repeated in the near future, buy in bulk.




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